Waste Management

Why are Wivalux focusing on Waste

Over the past several decades, there has been a dramatic growth in consumption without any thought for what this entailed in terms of waste, including the possibility of providing facilities for the disposal of this increased amount of waste.

As a result, we are now faced with huge challenges across the globe – with micro plastics in the world’s oceans, open illegal landfills dumping waste and releasing harmful substances into the subsoil and atmosphere, endangering drinking water and the climate.

Moreover, these landfills are also home and breeding grounds for diseases and pests

We have access to various technologies that can each in their own way ensure processing of the amount of waste produced – including ensuring a safe disposal and economically advantageous output that is also green and therefor a benefit for the climate

The most well-known and used technology is the production of biogas based on organic solid waste.

Biogas has a multitude of utilization option and is furthermore storable. As such, biogas is far superior to other renewable energies. Furthermore, biogas plants can generate power continuously and independent of sun and wind.

Good reasons for biogas 

  1. Biogas makes our energy production safer
  2. Biogas does not just supply electric power but also heat
  3. Biogas is a replacement for natural gas
  4. Biogas can be used as fuel
  5. Biogas is good for the climate and saves CO2
  6. Organic residues can be sensibly utilised and do not need to be simply disposed of 
  7. Biogas manure can replace mineralfertiliser
  8. Biogas plants can be utilised by industry and agriculture 
  9. Biogas strengthens rural areas and creates jobs


Wivalux has developed a unique cooperation with some of the leading suppliers of those plants and combined with our innovative financial models – we are able to make a solution that gives a lot of benefit:

Wivalux model will be implemented together with local private partners or municipalities this to ensure the commitment and success but also to support the local economy. It is important for Wivalux to emphasize that the more local entities can participate the better.

Wivalux has the capacity to support at supervise including to secure proper education and guidance to the local partners to operate the factory. It’s Important and crucial for the projects success.


Product Range

We offer solutions based on the individual project’s access to feedstock as well as requirements for output within the following technologies:

We also have access to other technologies that are more specifically centered around more specific processes – including Recycling of electronic waste.

Let us hear from you – and let us customize a solution that cover your needs.

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