Solar systems for private

Solar systems for private

Wivalux has put together a new solution for private individuals who want to save money by installing solar cells on the roof or in the garden. Wivalux has recently provided solutions to professional users through its partners and therefore has extensive experience with solar systems, but on a larger scale.

We have chosen to bring the knowledge gained through these deliveries into the significantly smaller installations, which means that we can deliver a very professional solution to private customers – a solution based on a high degree of quality, which in turn naturally ensures long warranty periods. Periods that not all other providers can offer.

Our solution is based on German, Dutch and Japanese quality – and assembled in Asia identical to other types of goods. Essential parts of our solutions are tested in Italy – and shipped from there via our very close partner who is also our primary supplier for our professional solutions up to 500 megawatts.

For private households we can supply all sizes of systems – but many times it is the roof and the location that really determines the size of the solar system installed including how the location where it is to be installed is in relation to the irradiation from the sun.

Solutions with battery

In Wivalux it has been important for us to be able to offer a solution with battery.

The reason for this is that the technology has improved significantly, but also because we are convinced that a solar system with battery is a significantly better solution than one without. Nevertheless, because of our larger solar systems for professionals, we have managed to create a solution for private individuals that is actually not much more expensive than a system purchased from one of our colleagues, who does not offer a battery solution.

Financing up to 10 years

Wivalux International has also partnered with financial institutions so that we can offer a solution to our customers where the customer can purchase a fully installed solar system with an interest-free or interest-bearing loan with a term of up to 10 years. It is of course also possible to pay in cash.

In most cases, this will mean that our customer will experience a greater saving than the amount to be paid on the financing, which will ultimately mean a greater affordability amount for the private household. Calculations can be requested from us so that together we can find the most optimal solution for you. 

Installation of our solar systems is carried out by certified electrical installers and is carried out in accordance with current regulations, so that the entire project of making the decision about a future investment with us will be a safe and good experience.

What do you need to check

Before you proceed, check the following whether it is legal/possible to install solar on your address.

  • Local plans rules and regulations for your area
  • Statutes of conservation
  • Servitudes
  • Location on the roof
  • Maksimum roof load

If it is possible to install solar panels at your address it would be possible and sensible to take the next step towards becoming self-producing of electricity.

Next step

If you wish to proceed please ask for the following information:

  • Exact address of where the solar system will be installed
  • If possible please measure the roof. If this is not possible we will use the internet – Google Earth to find the measurements
  • Pictures of the roof where the solar panels will be installed
  • Type of roof (Eternit, Tile etc.)
  • Annual electricity consumption – monthly (option)
  • Price per kWh – last billing (option)
  • Any other information you consider relevant for the calculation of the offer

This information should be sent to –

With this information we will contact you with the following:

– Calculation of the size of the system that can be installed

– Calculation of how many kWh can be produced

– Quotation including link to our financing partner

Product Range

We can deliver all types of solar panels. We are very familiar with the different technologies and are focusing on the best quality you can get for the specific purpose that you are demanding. 

We deliver typically for following setups:

Let us know your demand and we will make a designed solution for you.

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