Our City Infrastructure can be categorized into 4 different areas – but all different solutions are based on a strong network of LED Lights incl. controlling.

Smart city lighting

Our City Infrastructure can be categorized into 4 different areas – but all different solutions are based on a strong network of LED Lights incl. controlling.

You know your City we know our technology. Step by step we carefully implement the needed solutions to transform your City into a SAFE, SMART and City with massive ENERGY SAVINGS

With your input, we draw up the framework and you fill in the content. We provide the technology for you to utilize the city’s potential and benefit from the services and technology available.

Day and night, citizens, students, elderly and tourists can access, use, test, try and benefit from a city-wide network and connected services.

The illuminated city is a symbol of new technology covering  every street, park, playground, square , alley and boulevard  of your city – light is life, and with a 75% energy reduction it  means accrue savings generations to come.


More and more costumers have focused on LED Lights mostly because that the Savings are huge and therefore they can use the budget for other investments in the municipality. That make perfect sense. What is important is to find then the right solution before the investment is done. And sometimes this is very difficult. There are big differences in LED and in LED suppliers specific. In Wivalux we only provide products and solutions with an extremely efficient lighting performance.

Internet of things

Internet of things is under steady development. Our system is Unique because you have the possibility to connect more or less all kind of sensors, no matter who developed it. You can install various sensors in various areas. Many of our costumer can use this – in the same way as our camera and Wi-Fi – as a security application. Our focus is Cost Efficient, Long Range Low Power Sensor Network

Features for our IOT for example:

IR Motion Sensors

Gas Attack Sensors

Intrusion Detection/Door Sensors

Personnel and Asset Tracking Sensors

Fire/Heat Sensors

Geo Fencing

Gunfire/Explosion Sensor

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Camera network

Our Camera solutions will normally be arranged together with the local police and the minister of interior. We can choose different kind of manufactures (as long as the quality and business behavior is reliable) for our solution and the gives a huge advantage because we always are in a position to offer the best solution on the market

Features for the Camera are for example:

Crime Detection and Investigation

Automatic Perimeter and Trespassing Detection

Automatic Erratic Behavior

Unusual Incident Detection

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Biometric Face Recognition

WIFI network

Our Wi-Fi Solutions is based on the technology – LoRa (long range). Right now we find this technology as the best combined with LED Lights. We install the Wi-Fi in the camera but it is very important that the plan of the role out is done in cooperation with our clients. For each 4-6 luminaries in the city we need to have a Wi-Fi-Module that is connected with Fiber.

Features for our Wi-Fi are for example

Cost Efficient Wireless Internet Connectivity

Dedicated and Secured Communication

Network for Security Personnel

Connectivity for IP Cameras

Detection of Foot Fall – Heat Maps

Public Info and Warning Services

IOT (Internet of things)

Provider of energy optimization services:

  1. No upfront installation costs
  2. Full energy analysis and audit
  3. World-class products and solutions
  4. Professional guidance
  5. Full maintenance included
  6. Continuous monitoring and follow-up
  7. Project design and implementation
  8. Pay back of the investments is done with part of the savings generated on the project
  9. Guaranteed positive cash flow from day one..
  10. Capex neutral financing
  11. Let us find a solution together. We are ready to tailor made the right model for you.

Wivalux offers financing for most of our products.

We finance the products and sometimes also the installation cost. This is a huge opportunity for our clients that they have the possibility to pay the investment during the usage of the products. We call this “Pay as you Save”.

We fix the future installments so it is very easy to budget the future cash flows – and we always make sure that you save at least the same as you pay.

Many of our colleagues say that they provide financing – but when the final signature is going to be made there will be a lot of clauses etc. that makes it almost impossible or not value added in any way. With Wivalux – you will be informed what is possible and what is not. We are professional and humble about our possibilities for financing our customers.

How we do the smart city lighting

What we do is that we do the engineering of the luminaries and that is very different from other suppliers. Most of other suppliers just buy shelves products from a supplier and then the offer that products. We don’t do that. As mentioned – we engineer our own luminaries – we decide the best quality of what kind of LED chips we want to use, what kind of transformer, what kind of surge protection and so on – that gives us the best luminaire in the world. That is our philosophy.

We offer the best in lighting solutions to meet any project requirement with the help of a highly competent staff and cooperation partners worldwide.

Great cooperation gives us the possibility of continuous updating, following the latest in lighting technologies and that is a huge advantage.

When a project needs to start up – we give support as:

  • Pilot projects (we recommend a small pilot to start up with)
  • Technical assistance
  • 3D modeling and mock-ups via Dialux
  • Advising in the future implementation of our smart city applications

Our range cover mostly types of areas in a country – but mainly focus on City street lights, Urban street lights and industrial street lights. We have described our City street lights below – standard and Solar street lights.

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